We need to see the number of people willing to attend

Posted by Adil Al-Serri on April 8, 2016 - 9:21am
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If you have difficulty going downtown fro Friday Paryers please write your name so as soon as we have enough people will perform the Jumma'h prayer here in School in the Faith room

1- Adil Al-Serri



Posted by Mohammed Sulaiman on

Assalam Walaikum brothers & sisters !

Jumma'a prayers are being conducted in the Community Hall in Sooke Road , next to DQ . This is a  2 minute drive  from the universityand also there is a bus stop in front of the Hall. Bus no. 52. The Jammath time can be adjusted to accomodate our university lunch break ( Confirmation received from Mosque authorities ). 

In sha Allah, do spread the word , and ensure that our fellow brothers & sisters don't miss out on Jumma prayer because of school on Friday.

Mohammed Sulaiman



Posted by Kirsten Amadu on

Assalam Walaikum!

What time Jumma held at the Community Hall? 12:30pm or 1:30pm? I ask becasue the Mosque on Quadra is holding Jumma at 12:30pm, but it is being held at 1:30pm at UVic.

Kirsten Amadu