Running for Program Representative

Posted by Ace Nidoy on October 11, 2016 - 11:53pm
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My fellow students,

It has been a privilege to be your cohort representative thus far. Unfortunately, cohort representatives will soon be replaced by program representatives under the amendment to the Constitution and Bylaws of the RRUSA. 

If you agree that I have sufficiently done my job as a representative for our cohort and you would like for me to remain as the representative, kindly vote for me this coming election. 

I believe that I have given what I could to fulfill my duties and responsibilities as the cohort representative. If given the chance to be the program representative, I can guarantee you that I will be giving my very best to fulfill the following duties: liaise between cohorts, advocate, support events, and encourage cross-cohort collaboration, in addition to representing the voice of everyone in the cohort.

Once again, if you would like for me to remain as your representative, please vote for me! 

Thank you for your cooperation!


Ace =)