Mount Work

Posted by DP Admin on September 23, 2014 - 5:51pm
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Hi everyone,

I know we are busy, it's weird but sometimes a small hike can add time to the day. I have been trying to get up Mt.Work for the past couple weeks but thought if other people came, I'd for sure go...and since some of you work on weekends, and since we have Monday off, I thought it might be the best day.

So that only a few hours are taken out of the day, I thought a short route to the summit with an elevation less than 300m would be best suited for most people. See links below.

I was thinking we could meet at the trail head (shown in red on the .pdf map image attached) just before 10am but am okay with a time earlier, or later. Unless a convo. is started regarding a different time I will head up the trail at 10am on Monday, just show up. If anyone wants to meet to bike there from Langford, let me know.

Everyone is welcome of course, Erin

Info for Munn Road (Fork Lake) access:


More Info: