List of Instructors for the balance of 4th year 2016

Posted by DP Admin on December 23, 2015 - 3:59am
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Hi Everyone, I was curious as to who would be our instructors for the balance of the 4th year. Rhett provided me with the following information.

Information regarding instructors for courses is not really available too far in advance for most courses because the instructors are not confirmed until several months in advance (for instance when students start the program we can’t confirm who the instructor will be for the JUST407 course as the course won’t be starting for a year and a half and it is impossible for most contractors to confirm that they can teach a course that far in advance).


Having said that I do have the names of the instructors for the remaining courses in the program:


JUST404: Kathleen Manion


JUST406: Jennifer Smith


JUST410: Robert Aucoin


JUST407: Amanda Byron


JUST408: John Shuford


JUST409: Herb Waye







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