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Posted by DP Admin on May 2, 2013 - 10:05pm
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One topic that was discussed in today's coucil meeting was teh need for better quality funding requests. We used to use a form for this but over time it did not fit the current needs. I am going to put together a new form.


Therefore; please post what you think needs to be on the funding request form!

(Maybe RRUSA letter head if someone has it?, anticipated costs (and what kind of costs), itinerary, who is invited, location, etc.)


I will take all the things that people think need to be on the form and create one. Then it will go to the council and RRUSA executives and so who ever else it needs to to get approved; then it will become manditory to fill out the form in full for a request to even go for a vote. (Saves everyone time and effort because certain council memebrs wont get stuck with all the hard work of all the funding reuests, it will be distributed to those applying for the funds.)



Posted by jthorne on

I think any funding request should require a detailed breakdown of how and where funds will be used.  Getting requests for money because "we want to go out for dinner, or we want to have a fun day" shouldn't be entertained.

I understand that it is hard to make plans and reservations without knowing if funds will be available, that that would be the responsibility of the requester to make sure their request is in long before they need the money (ie if you want to reserve and activity in April, make your funding request in March or earlier)

Also, in the voting polls, there should be a third option for partial funding.  So if a particular request is high, but the council wants to help support as opposed to fund the entire event, we can vote in favour of partial funding (last years council did this fairly often)  That partial funding would have to be discussed to see what the council was willing to contribute.  I believe this option would help clear the mud with some of these cohort/group events that are over the top expensive.  If RRUSA contributed some of the costs to reduce those of the attending students, more of these events may be approved rather than just being voted down


Posted by bklein (not verified) on

I am not sure if this helps, but I sat on the Finance organizers for Teligence's discretionary funds for staff.

While some of it doesn't apply to Royal Roads. I am sure we can use it as a template for our own requests.

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Posted by tgallup (not verified) on

Attached is a new funding request form. Please review and let me know if it will work. (Anything need to be changed?)

Unfortunaly the form only works in 2007 word or newer. IN regular .doc form the security settings and data entry fields don't work. If this is a concern, let me know.

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