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Posted by DP Admin on September 24, 2013 - 8:03pm
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Hey everyone. We're in for a lot of work this year, and I'm excited to get started on the non-pearson stuff as much as all of you are. The library has awesome resources, as we were shown the other day. I've been playing around with them already, and it looks like there is much potential to save time. Just thought I'd share some other resources with tips for improving your organization and over-all efficiency (I am one that really needs these kinds of resources, and I understand if some of you don't need extra organization). I hope that everyone can add tips and ideas if they feel like participating in this thread.http://www.reddit.com/r/LifeProTips/    This is Reddit. Although it is notorious for being an excellent procrastination tool, it has some great subreddits that can help you find more effective ways of going about things. Use at your own risk, I'm not kidding about the procrastination aspects that other parts of the website have. (Seriously).

http://www.lifehack.org/productivity     I haven't used this resource much, but I've heard it is really good for improving your productivity. It has work, money, lifestyle and other sub-categories as well.


http://library.royalroads.ca/       And, of course, the library. We all know where to find this and how to get to it. Just putting it here out of respect for the amazing tools it has under resources. I feel like we will become very familiar with the library this year, both in person and online.


Hopefully this helps at least one of you.


Cheers, see you in class.





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PS There are many different prolife categories down the right hand side of the webpage in the reddit link. "School & College" in particular.