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Posted by Jules André-Brown on September 21, 2019 - 6:16pm
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Hi I'm Jules André-Brown

I am excited at the opportunity to represent the students of Royal Roads University on the board of governors. I am currently a student in the Master of Arts in Leadership program. I have served as a non-profit leadership and governance for 15 years and I am thrilled to be able to offer my networking skills to our student body. My experience in building relationships with funders, organizations, and businesses is something I feel will serve us, the students of RRU. 

 I’d like to share some of my student governance background that would help us students at Royal Roads University. I am the board chair of the University of British Columbia’s student-run radio station. In leading students passionate about student affairs and public interest.   I am deeply proud of what our students have been able to bring into their careers. I am positioned to offer this confidence to the Royal Roads student body. I have helped our student body plan for our technological, financial, and infrastructure needs. I have been committees to plan for thoughtful, inclusive futures, and have experience in developing sexualized violence policies and responding to thoughtful planning for compensation. I have helped our organization recognize and address barriers for people with disabilities, indigenous youth, and diverse gender communities.

My current studies are in leadership, and I’m excited to bring my Masters of Leadership experience to the board of governors. I have found it rewarding to bring my previous academic work into practice. I hold both a Diploma in Classroom and Community support and an Audio Engineering Internship Program Recording Engineer Certificate from Douglas College.  I was able to merge these two disciplines to help an organization as an advisor and board member called InCommon TV. This organization is a platform to help people learn about sharing their own stories through video. I hope to offer the board of governers the institutional knowledge on managing consent in media and managing technology for the future.   

 My non-profit work has centred around universal design, social enterprise, helping people find meaningful work. I am passionate about diverse student voices in leadership. I feel it is part of my life’s work to help people and organizations have ongoing relationships with learning. I have a passion for sensible education pathways. I am active in the Community Scholars project, a joint university project helping non-profit organizations access academic researchers. I have been volunteering as a speaker and host with the BC Prior Learning Action Network,  BC Aspect conference and BC Transfer guide for the last two years. My time at these conferences has given me a network of people publishing research about the directions of higher education. It has also introduced me to leaders of industries such as aviation, manufacturing, technology that are passionate about finding new candidates. 

In closing, I thank you for offering this opportunity.  I can be reached at . I am excited to offer my service to Royal Roads.   


Jules André-Brown