Funding for Travel and Hotel BJUSt students to come to International Law Forum at RRU

Posted by DP Admin on July 4, 2013 - 4:02pm
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We have two BJUST students wanting the opportunity to Volunteer for the International Criminal Law Forum happening  at RRU this July.

This forum only happenes approx every 7 years. Last one was 2006. This is a very exciting event and great learning experience!There will be speakers of lawyers and Judges from all over the world attending. Please vote yes to give our students a once in a lifetime opportunity ! One of the student would be a Repporteur for the forum .

I am requesting funding of 850x2 for flights and 1000 for acomodations for these students. Total = $2,650

THank you

Debora -Online President ;)





Posted by jthorne on

Are these students willing or able to make any of their own contributions??  I agree this is a valuable opportunity, but we have turned down similar requests for students in the the program office willing/able to help? And what accommodations? is this for a hotel, or rooms on campus?


Posted by dweber (not verified) on

It is not going to be paid for by anyone else. We funded other student to go to Texas( flight hotels) recently for their great opportunity . Hotel is cheaper then campus . One of the students requesting to voluteer as a rapporteur is also fluent in french and spanish and would be a great asset to our volunteeer group.



Posted by jczinger (not verified) on

Staying in a hotel is cheaper compared to staying on campus? I have to say that this is a large amount of money to be spent on two students. I would also suggest that alternative funding sources be found, be it from the students themselves or the program office as previously suggested.

I am also curious why this is being requested on such short notice.


Posted by dweber (not verified) on

THere are cheap student RRU rates to alot of hotel. I work with staff on the cheaper rate . It does work out better and also rooms for students at RRU are beign cleaned for my Residency starting Aug and they are not renting by the night. It is easier for all involved.


Posted by d1ho (not verified) on

Sounds like a great opportunity and financially accountable. I vote yes.


Posted by jthorne on

This is where a 3rd option in the poll is needed, Yes, I think RRUSA could help get these particular students to this forum, but I don't think we should cover the costs completely.  there are other students (such as myself) also volunteering for this forum, with no assistance from RRUSA in the form of travel, parking and accommodation costs (yes, I realize I haven't requested any) because I am choosing to attend, rather than being obligated to


Posted by mshovar (not verified) on

I agree with JThorne, I think that the students need to look for funding from the program office or offer to pay some of the fees. When my class went to the Hospitality conference in November we were responsible for our own transportation and food... our program office paid for our accomidations. Each program has a budget for these things, i would vote yes to funding a portion of but not all of this request. 


Posted by b1hughes (not verified) on

I agree that these two students should have the opportunity to attend the conference if they are paying back by putting in their time.  I also will be attending, although the time I take off work is not paid for.  The only saving grace is that I live in Victoria.  


Posted by dweber (not verified) on

Hi Mr B1hughes 

Can you please clarify who you are in the cohort rep list and an email. I was trying to get in touch with you . I do not have you on my master list of attending this forum and I have not only taking over the Vounteers but have been given the organizing of a great portion of the law forum including the speakers and the attendees . I do not see you on my master list of wanting to attend the forum . please email me asap Deb weber @

if you wish to be on the list. Thank you. and are you a volunteer or planning to be one? I dont have you on that list either.