How are you supporting sustainable initiatives?

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Did you know that the Masters of Environment and Management (MEM) program residency have been calculating the emissions associated with their travel to and from their residency and/or the emissions created by their personal travel and lifestyle, and then make a donation to support sustainability projects through the SAFE Fund?  Using online “carbon calculators” to estimate the emissions they have donated their donated funds are then given out to sustainable initiatives on campus and out in the community.

We are currently accepting applications for projects funded by the Sustainable Action Fund for the Environment (SAFE) that enhance sustainability efforts on the RRU campus or “Living Your Learning” projects carried out off campus.   Applications are accepted from current students, staff, faculty, associate faculty and alumni.  Preference will be given to projects that:


  • Engage students, staff and faculty and/or the larger community;
  • Have a defined timeframe and specific deliverables (milestones) that can be overseen by the applicant;
  • Are possible and realistic in the scope of the objectives;
  • Advance existing sustainability initiatives on campus and a culture of sustainability;
  • Promote and/or facilitate applied student projects that promote “living your learning”;
  • Promote and/or facilitate collaboration among multiple stakeholders;
  • Demonstrate innovative design and implementation;
  • ARE NOT part of an existing operating budget.

Applications are accepted through November 23, 2012. Information on the process and the application form are attached to this email.



Any questions? Please let me know.


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