Call for Applications: “The nature of wild” Research Funding

Posted by ahowlett on March 17, 2016 - 9:43am
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Call for Applications: “The nature of wild” Research Funding

Deadline: April 15, 2016

Each year, six Royal Roads University students and/or alumni will be given $2,000 for a student- or alumni-led project that blends ethnography, media, and the arts in order to tell a story about wilderness and wild places. The projects will aim to reach a broad public audience by making use of variable combinations of audio-visual media such as video, photography, and sound. 

Phillip Vannini, Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning and Public Ethnography, is encouraging and curating such projects to contribute to societal understanding of the meanings of wild. As more deeply articulated in the book Wilderness (P. Vannini and A. Vannini, 2016, Routledge), even though wild areas around the globe are often thought of as devoid of humans and culture, these “natural” places actually come to life through the practices, experiences, and representations of diverse people. By highlighting how a single individual or a small group of people interact with a particular wild place, these projects will show not only the nature, but also the culture of wildness. 

Interested individual or team applicants will answer the Call for Short Projects with a 1,000 word project proposal that outlines the idea and the project’s budget in detail. Proposals must indicate:

(a)   how the project will align with Vannini’s work as described on The nature of wild website

(b)   the experience the author(s) have with the subject matter under study and with the media they intend to utilize;

(c)   where and when the project will take place;

(d)   who the project will focus on (i.e. research participants);

(e)   what the precise focus of the project will be;

(f)    what final shape the project will take (e.g. short video, digital storytelling, etc.);

(g)   any further details necessary for evaluating the intended project (e.g. availability of technical gear, etc.).

Please note that eligible candidates must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada, or must hold a valid employment visa or work permit issued by the Government.

Proposals will be submitted to by April 15th. Six projects will be selected by an evaluating committee that comprises a minimum two RRU faculty members. Each project will be given six months for completion. The funding will be disbursed upon submission of a satisfactory project. Should the project be completed by a team, the $2,000 will be evenly distributed to each team member listed on the original application. In order to ensure the project will be satisfactory in the end, the curator will require monthly check-ins and will be fully available along the way to provide advice, assistance and collaboration as needed.

This funding program will run for five years, starting in 2016 and ending in 2020.



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