Call for Applications: Irving K. Barber One World Scholarship and Premier's Scholarship

Posted by Chelsea Smith on April 2, 2015 - 10:28am
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Irving K. Barber One World Scholarship and Premier's Scholarship

Application deadline: April 30, 2015

The Irving K. Barber British Columbia Scholarship Society, in partnership with the Victoria Foundation, hosts a suite of international scholarships designed to support students from BC in studying abroad (e.g. research, residencies, field practices, etc).

Students may apply for both funding programs, the One World Scholarship and the Premier’s Scholarship. Recipients can only take up one of the awards, however. RRU will coordinate with the Irving K. Barber Society about double award offers.

One World International Scholarships are available to students pursuing study or work abroad programs that are either:

  • A formal part of a BC credential program and/or carry academic credit recognized at a BC educational institution ($1,000-$3,500), or;
  • Offer experiential learning opportunities involving language acquisition and/or cultural training ($1,000).

To qualify for any of the International Scholarships (One World or Premier's), you must meet the following requirements:

  • you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (landed immigrant);
  • you are a British Columbia resident, defined as having lived at an address in the province for at least 12 months prior to the scholarship application deadline;
  • you are enrolled in an academic program at a public BC post-secondary institution leading to a credential that requires at least one year of full-time study and have been accepted into an eligible study or work abroad program;
  • you have achieved an academic standing suitable to an overseas study/work program, as determined by your post-secondary institution;
  • you are able to demonstrate links between the study/work abroad experience you are pursuing and your education goals;
  • you have demonstrated some extracurricular involvement in your current educational institution and/or community;
  • you are not planning a study/work activity in a country from which you have emigrated within the past ten years;
  • you are able to begin your study term within twelve months of receiving notification of an award;
  • you plan to return to British Columbia after completing your studies abroad for further education and/or work.

For the Premier’s International Scholarship ($6,000 - $10,000), you must meet the additional criteria below:

  • Your study/work abroad program begins between May 2015 and April 2016
  • Your study/work abroad program is a minimum of three months in length
  • You have achieved a B+ or equivalent academic standing


Deadline: April 30, 2015

How to apply:  Applications for both programs can be found here

One World Scholarship – apply directly to the Financial Aid & Awards office at RRU


Financial Aid & Awards
Royal Roads University
2005 Sooke Road
Victoria, BC, V9B 5Y2

Questions? Contact RRU’s Financial Aid team via email or phone (250) 391-2600 x 4222

Premier’s Scholarship – apply by mail or in person to the Irving K. Barber BC Scholarship Society

Irving K. Barber BC Scholarship Society #109 - 645 Fort Street Victoria, BC V8W 1G2

 Questions? Contact Irving K. Barber Society via email or phone 1-844-478-4645