BCom Program Overview

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Be prepared for an intense year.

The Bachelor of Commerce program at Royal Roads is unlike any other university program you've ever encountered. You will work hard, and learn in ways you never expected. Get used to being busy. You've set out on a path to complete a two-year degree in just one. You will be challenged like never before, but you won't go through it alone. Royal Roads University embraces a cohort learning model. This means that you will complete your BCom with the same group of people who started with you. You will learn with each other, but also from one another. In addition to the support you will receive from your team and cohort as a whole, the program office and other areas of the university are here to help.

How We are Different

Unlike traditional universities where you sit among a class of hundreds, passively absorbing information from lectures, at Royal Roads we encourage experiential learning - learning by doing. Your success will be largely based on your ability to collaborate and overcome problems as a team (for more on teamwork, please see the BCom Working in Teams page). You will be assessed on diverse tasks throughout your courses - not just by the results of your final exams. In class, collaboration is vital and accounts for a sizable portion of your final grade. This may take some getting used to, especially if you're not used to this style of learning, but by being actively engaged, you will learn more and so will your classmates. You will depend on your team and they depend on you. Attendance and contribution are absolutely mandatory. The workload is heavy; therefore students are discouraged from working while completing their BCom.

The program begins with an online course called Bridge to BCom in which students will get to know each other and become familiar with the program. One of your courses will begin online during the Bridge. When you arrive on campus you will participate in a two-week preparation called Cornerstone. Each quarter generally consists of 8 weeks of instruction, with a 9th week reserved for final exams. Typically you will have two weeks off between quarters. Ensure you schedule any planned travel to occur during breaks, to avoid missing any class time.

Learning Outcomes 

The BCom Program Outcomes are the basis for the design of each course and are used to assess your learning. You are expected to develop skills to:

  • Communicate Effectively – communicate effectively through writing, speaking, presenting, interviewing and using computer-based media.
  • Think Critically – use a broad range of research methods and conceptual models to make judgments and draw conclusions.
  • Solve Problems – use a range of processes, models and approaches (quantitative and qualitative) to make deductions, and to identify sound potential solutions, goals and actions.
  • Work with Others - respect cultural diversity, share knowledge, work as members of a team and lead a team.
  • Think Globally - recognize and respect cultural differences, learn from outside their own culture and predict how their actions will interact with the environment in which their organizations operate.

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