Working in Teams

Private - accessible only to group members

Learners can expect to work in at least four different teams over the course of the program. Teams of four to six members are created by the BCom Program Office in consultation with the Team Coach, and are changed each quarter. Learners do not choose their own teams. Teams are formed based upon the criterion of diversity: gender, age, culture, professional experience, and educational background.

It is at the sole discretion of the Program Office, in consultation with the Team Coach, to change the composition of these teams at any time, including adding new members to teams when necessary.

Ongoing team support is available to learners through our BCom Program by our Team Coach, Michael Pardy, email: Following initial team building sessions in the Cornerstone, Michael will conduct quarterly sessions and mandatory check-ins. He is also available on an as-needed basis for team meetings and one-on-one appoinments.

Working In Teams Policy

BCom OC 2013 Quarter 4 Teams List