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Posted by Kevin Osborne on August 19, 2014 - 1:58pm
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Dear all, 

Some students from last cohort asked me to post the textbooks they have for sale to whom might be interested in buying used books.

Please note that, we do not have a list of textbooks will be used in your program this year yet. We will have the book list available by quarter once we receive confirmation letter from bookstore, most likely a month before the course starts. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the books will be reused again. If you wish to take the chance to buy, it is all up to you. I will post the contact information of the seller. Please contact the seller directly. 





Posted by Kevin Osborne on

Hello new students, I have some quarter 1 textbooks for sale!

They were all brand new last September and are still in great condition!

1.Essentials of Meteorology (C. Donald Ahrens) - $150

2.Practicle Strategies for Technical Communications (Mike Markel)- $40

3.A Rulebook for Arguments (Anthony Weston) -$5

4.Environmental Economics (Field & Olewiler)- $110

5.Fostering Sustainable Behaviour (Doug McKenzie-Mohr)-$15 Willing to sell separately for the prices above, or as a bundle for $300 OBO.

Feel free to contact me at or 403-896-9656. 

Good luck with the program!