Application for the Waneta Terrestrial Compensation Program (WTCP)

Posted by Krissy Yang on November 5, 2014 - 12:44pm
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Dear all,


Columbia Power is accepting applications for the Waneta Terrestrial Compensation Program (WTCP).  The WTCP provides up to $50,000/year for research or restoration projects in the Waneta/Trail, BC area.  Preference is given to projects that focus on species at risk, or mitigating impacts related to the construction of the Waneta Expansion Project.

Applications will be accepted from non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, and individuals.  Deadline for applications is January 31 of each year until 2018 when the WTCP will conclude.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could help spread the word to staff and students about this funding opportunity.   I have attached the poster and application form.  The information can application can also be obtained on our website at


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