Your First Course Starts Tuesday, September 3 !

Posted by hwanke on August 30, 2013 - 1:13pm
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Your coursework and quizzes start in the first week of pre-foundations. Some of the quizzes will close before you arrive on campus. On Sept. 3rd, please access Moodle ( immediately for information regarding online course identification IDs and access.

Guidelines for Online Quizzes in Mastering Biology, Mastering Chemistry, and MyMathLab

Quiz tips and guidelines:

  1. Quizzes are to be completed independently as they are intended to gauge your understanding of a topic and give you a chance to seek help prior to the final exam.
  2. You may refer to textbooks and your notes and during quizzes.
  3. Quizzes are generally available 7-10 days prior to its deadline. Refer to the home page calendar for each deadline.
  4. Upon opening a quiz you must complete it in the time allotted.
    • Most quizzes are 45-60 min in duration.
  5. Quizzes cannot:
    • Be opened, closed, and reopened at a later time.
    • Be paused.
    • Be opened after the deadline indicated.
  6. During the quiz do not:
    • Close your web browser.
    • Navigate away from the quiz page.
  7. After the quiz:
    • Only your grade will be displayed prior to the quiz deadline.
    • After the quiz deadline you will be able to see detailed results for your quiz including your grade for each question and the correct answer.


  • Review the orientation homework assignments for each course.
  • Complete the orientation quizzes to test the interface in each course.