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Posted by Krissy Yang on July 30, 2013 - 10:56am
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Dear all, 

Some students from last cohort asked me to post the textbooks they have for sale to whom might be interested in buying used books.

Please note that, we do not have a list of textbooks will be used in your program this year yet. We will have the book list available by quarter once we receive confirmation letter from bookstore, most likely a month before the course starts. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the books will be reused again. If you wish to take the chance to buy, it is all up to you. I will post the contact information of the seller. Please contact the seller directly. 





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I have the following textbooks for sale for the BSc. Environmental Science program. All books are in excellent condition with no highlighting etc. I am only in Victoria until August 23 so I will have to sell them by then.  If you want all of them, I will sell them together for $160. Please email me at or call/text me at 250-686-0697. Thanks J


  • Environmental Economics by Field & Olewiler $70
  • Cities as Sustainable Ecosystems by Newman & Jennings, used for multiple classes. $20
  • Biology: Life on Earth w/ Physiology 9th Ed. by Audesirk, Audesirk, & Byers $70
  • Vancouver, City on the Edge: Living with a Dynamic Geological Landscape by Clague & Turner and Geology of Southern Vancouver Island, revised Ed. by Yorath – these two books needed together for Geology course so I will sell both for $20

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Brie’s Beautiful Books

All 14 of the following books can go together for $650.00. The books shaded in grey are over $100 new. These are all but two of the text books that you’ll need. The other two are “Making Sense,” “Keeping Our Cool” and the Atmospheric textbook, which I loved too much to part withJ

This is a great deal- keep ‘em while its hot!

I can be contacted by email

Thank you,


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