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Posted by Rhett Reilkoff on July 17, 2012 - 2:02pm
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Hi, I will use this thread to post textbooks for sale from the outgoing cohort. Please note some of the courses may be using updated editions, so you may want to wait until the textbook notice comes out from the bookstore for your first quarter courses.



Posted by b1haley (not verified) on


Just wondering when the Text book list will become available?




Posted by Rhett Reilkoff on

Hi Brie,

The textbook list for first quarter classes won't be available for awhile, likely until a month or so before these classes begin. However, I do know that the required text for your first course (Foundations) which starts a little earlier than the others will be the Audesirk, Audesirk & Byers text; Life on Earth 9th ed. Also, I know that you will be required to have the Brock - Biology of Microorganisms (the most current edition is the 13th Ed.) text, which serves as good reference material for Foundations and which will be required for Microbiology. 



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Hi Eric,

I was wondering if you still have your books available for sale?