Posted by Rhett Reilkoff on December 19, 2012 - 10:15am
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Hi all,

Just wanted to pass along some information regarding grades/grading.The RRU academic regulation on grades can be found here ( and is as follows:

Approval of Grades: Grades must be approved by the head of an academic unit (e.g. School Director or equivalent) or designate authorized by the Dean. The Registrar's Office must be formally advised as to the names of those who may approve grades. Grades must be submitted to the Registrar's Office within 20 business days of the course end date. This includes final grades required to clear INC or EG grades.


With that in mind, in your program, we ask our instructors to have their final grades in within 10 business days from the course end date, after which we upload them and send them to the Registrars' Office (Because your first quarter ends so close to Christmas holidays, 10 business days takes us to January 7 and so you can expect your grades to be available after this date). Once they get the grades, they make them available for viewing through MyAdmin. If you're not familiar with your MyAdmin account or haven't set it up yet, no problem, simply go here and follow the instructions: (Note: please use your personal email address and not your RRU email address when creating your account, as the MyAdmin service is meant to be a permanent service to our students and alumni, whereas your RRU email account will eventually expire after you graduate).

This information only applies to final grades. Feedback or grades for individual assignments is left to the discretion of instructors.