EPt Certification with ECO Canada

Posted by Rhett Reilkoff on January 30, 2013 - 9:53am
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We are now accepting applications now so you can have your EPt application fee waived!

 As you approach graduation this Fall, and look to your future environmental career, we are excited to bring you an exclusive opportunity to kick start your path to Environmental Professional (EP) Certification. 

More information is available at: www.eco.ca/accreditedgrads

 The Environmental Professional in Training program allows you to:

  • be part of one of Canada’s largest environmental professional groups
  • gain personalized career development support, including a national job board and national/international internships and professional development opportunities
  • take advantage of valuable member discounts and programs

 Further, as a graduate of an accredited program you are eligible to upgrade to the EP title after four (4) years of work experience, instead of five!


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