Residency Information

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What you need to know:

View the introductory webinar and powerpoint for helpful information about the start of your program here: Webinar Powerpoint

 What you need to bring:

  • weather-appropriate clothing  / outdoor gear for field work
  • a lab coat
  • 2 lab journals with non-removable pages
  • closed-toe shoes and long pants to wear in the lab, to be safe and minimize exposed skin
  • a scientific calculator (recommended: Sharp EL-531X, or similar)


This is a friendly reminder that your April residency session is fast approaching.  If you have not already applied for accommodation and wish to stay on campus, please apply online at your earliest opportunity. Go to:

The “apply online” link is near the bottom of the page:

(You’ll be asked to log in to your MyAdmin account, which will pre-fill the application form).

If you have any specific requests/needs please indicate them in the comments section of the online application.  We do our best to accommodate requests, but cannot guarantee them.  Due to high demand and limited availability, ensuites are assigned based on random draw results, unless you have a documented medical need.  Residency offers will be sent out mid-February.  If you have any questions, please Royal Roads University Housing at or 250-391-2549.