WordPress Wizard? Wanting to add to your portfolio? Help needed.

Posted by a1klassen on December 10, 2012 - 10:01am
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Seeking someonewith good design to get a WordPress site running. This person is pretty hopeless with this stuff, but knows what she/he wants/needs. Has a custom WordPress theme that is hosted on Islandnet.

Minimal budget but it’s good gig for adding to a portfolio .

Preference for someone who lives on the Island. They would be hired on as a contractor. Also needs some graphics:  - A one-sheet which I’ve created in MS Word which needs to be prettied up. - A logo for which I have the visual concept but not the layout. - Letterhead for which I have all the elements but not the final layout 

If interested please send a reply to chris.brown@royalroads.ca as soon as possible.