Graduate Programs at SFU

Posted by Lindsay Pettitt on November 28, 2013 - 9:38am
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Just in case you're considering other options than RRU for Graduate School, why not check out SFU?

The School of Communication at Simon Fraser University invites applications to our MA & PhD Programs for studies commencing in September 2014:

MA & PhD in Communication – apply by January 15 Double MA in Global Communication – apply by February 1 Our graduate programs offer exciting opportunities for pursuing communication research. Our student body is drawn from around the world, our energetic and enthusiastic faculty are leaders in the field, and Simon Fraser University – based in Vancouver and Burnaby – provides a thriving intellectual environment and community. Our MA & PhD Program has an enviable record of producing successful graduates who find work in universities and colleges; in government, research, and non-profit organizations; and in the private sector. Our graduate students are engaged in critical, cutting-edge research in fields including cultural studies, political economy, science and technology studies, and global communication. This breadth of scholarship is a hallmark of our MA & PhD programs and a factor in the School's outstanding global reputation. The School's dynamism is reflected in our newest program, the Double MA Degree in Global Communication, offered in partnership with the Communication University of China. Students in this two-year program earn two graduate degrees, spending one year at SFU in Vancouver, and one year at CUC in Beijing. For additional information, please visit our web site or contact our program coordinators for further information: MA & PhD Program contact: Jason Congdon • 778.782.3595 • Double MA Program contact: Sarah Chen • 778.782.9697 •