Documenting Research Ideas

Posted by LIreland on January 23, 2013 - 2:58pm
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Hi Everyone!

To help you all with tying the diverse courses together and developing potential research topics for a thesis, or practical applications of your course work in the workplace, I'll be asking you to create/update a brief 1-3 page idea document, or develop a Program Journal of your developing ideas in digital format.  This should help you synthesize your learning and help you develop a Program-level perspective.

I believe Jennifer Good had you do an assignment at the end of 503 looking at research ideas that incorporate environmental communication.  In this break before you get started with Worldviews and Ethics I'd like you to reflect on both Milt's course "Learning Theory and Program Design" and Bob's "Systems Perspectives" and how they may change, influence or have helped evolve your understanding and research ideas.  For example, given your idea about environmental communication, how can learning theory and program design extend or influence these ideas?  Then how does a systems perspective expand them?

Once your Worldviews and Ethics course with Scott Dunham is finished, once again your emerging ideas will be revisited and updated.  This document will create a very useful context for your research methods course with Rick.  It will also be updated after your summer courses to give you a powerful perspective in helping you define your thesis topic.

Once you reach your Leadership course in the 3rd Residency, this document will be incorporated into that course as a basis of discussion and for course credit.

As program Head I will be facilitating this pocess in the lead-up to it being submitted for your Leadership course with Peter Norman in the 3rd Residency.  So to get started please update your 503 assignment, or create a new document that reflects your idea development through your first 4 courses in MAEEC.  It should only be 3 pages at the most, a reflective piece showing your ideas emerging and adapting.

Please email these to me by Feb.3rd as I'll be keeping a spreadsheet of your submissions at this point.

If you have any questions please email.

I'm really looking forward to sharing and helping facilitate your learning journey!

Liza :)