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Flying 'Low and Slow' with B.C. floatplane pilots

March 17, 2016
By: Phillip Vannini
Source: RRU News

Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning and Public Ethnography Phillip Vannini published an article in TheTyee about his upcoming documentary, Low and Slow, focused on the life and passion of B.C. floatplane pilots.

Here is an excerpt:

“Weary of the news media's tendency to care about floatplanes only under the most tragic of circumstances, I decided to reach out to nearly every commercial operator based in the region and asked for pilots to share with me what it's like to be in their seat,” says Vannini. “I wanted to know how they manage to fly machines that, for the most part, haven't been manufactured since The Doors released their debut album. I was curious about why they didn't sign up to fly fancier heavy iron instead. And most of all, I ached to learn why they fly so low and so slow.”

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