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World Scholar

Dec 31, 2011

Under the World Scholar Journal Entry program, students of all ages may submit their work to World Scholar, receive feedback after it has been reviewed, and become published in the World Scholar Review journal. This journal will be published quarterly, with the inaugural publication aimed for January 2012.

Students who submit an essay or a thesis are eligible for one of three $2,500 bursaries, which will be awarded to the top 3 journal entries. While the bursaries are designed to assist students in their academic pursuits, whether they receive one or not, the opportunity of being published is a great opportunity to network with academics worldwide. The World Scholar Review has been designed to facilitate these connections in an effort to encourage higher learning. 

For more information, please visit the World Scholar website.

Brief Description: 

World Scholar is a nonprofit foundation that aims to empower the students of today by providing them an opportunity to express their thoughts and creativity through an academic essay. 

There are one of three $2,500 bursaries which will be awarded to the top 3 journal entries. 

Saturday, December 31, 2011