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Robert Caton and David Bates Scholarships

The Robert Caton and David Bates Scholarships are annual awards of $2,000 each. 

The Robert Caton Scholarship was established to honour the memory of Dr. Robert Brent Caton, a scholar, entrepreneur and expert in the field of air quality, atmospheric emissions, environmental management and policy.

Similarly, the David Bates Scholarship has been established to honour the memory of Dr. David Vincent Bates, who was one of the foremost international authorities on the health effects of air pollution.

Eligibility Criteria 

Graduate-level attendance in a B.C. university program with course work and future plans that include scientific and environmental issues. The applicant should be able to demonstrate a commitment to studies, volunteering and/or employment in one or more of the following areas:

  • air quality science processes such as meteorology and atmospheric chemistry
  • weather, air quality and ecosystem/health effects models that would lead to more reliable tools used for air quality management decision making
  • monitoring methods that provide cost-effective and accurate measures of emissions, meteorology, ecosystem and human health effects
  • emissions control approaches that include clean fuels, improved processes, newer technology and market-driven programs
  • links between air quality and human health impacts
  • public communication/behaviour-change approaches related to air quality
  • economic valuation of air quality benefits/impacts
  • air quality/health/climate change linkages
  • air quality policy

Application Procedure

Please send your application as a Word or Adobe attachment with file name: FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME.doc (or FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME.pdf) to:

Electronic versions of transcripts are preferable.  If this is not possible, please mail to:

Robert Caton Scholarship c/o Kathy Preston612 W 7th Avenue  Vancouver, BC V5Z 1B5

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Saturday, November 30, 2013