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Foundation to Commemorate the Chinese Railroad Workers in Canada

The Foundation to Commemorate the Chinese Railroad Workers in Canada (FCCRWC) is a registered charitable organization. The goals of the foundation include promoting the understanding and awareness of the contribution to Canada by the Chinese Railroad Workers who participated in the construction of the first transcontinental railway (the CPR) that united Canada geographically and politically; promoting the awareness of the government's legislation of unjust Immigration Acts against the Chinese pioneers and their families; establishing scholarships; and sponsoring other Canadian charitable organizations to promote Chinese Canadian History. The Foundation would like to encourage a deeper understanding of Chinese Canadian history by offering a cash award to the top three essays received annually for this scholarship contest.

To Enter

Please submit an essay (500-1000 words) about the history of Chinese people in Canada and their contributions to the construction of the railroad and to this country. Submission should be sent as an attachment in Microsoft Word or PDF format by email to

Please include your full name, email contact information, name of the school and program you will be enrolled in.

Three (3) Prizes will be awarded:

1st Prize: $500

2nd Prize: $300

3rd Prize: $200


For more information about the Foundation and the history of Chinese Railroad Workers in Canada please visit our website and The Ties That Bind project:


Friday, May 31, 2013