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A for e-learning

January 1, 2016
By: Brigitte Peterson
Source: RRU News

Royal Roads MBA alumni Avi van Haren and Vice-President Global, Marketing and Business Development Pedro Márquez were interviewed for the January edition of Business in Vancouver about opportunities provided by online learning.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Completing my degrees through online learning has given me a new language to more effectively engage in business,” says van Haren, 45, who also completed a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication at RRU.

Self-discipline and time management skills are important for professionals pursuing studies online, according to van Haren, especially when working in cohorts made up of students from across the country or around the globe.

“You really need to be committed to your program and to your team,” she says. “Time zones can make it tricky, and communication is important.”

“My family was incredibly supportive of me doing this,” explains van Haren, a Governor General’s Gold Medal nominee and recipient of two major academic awards at RRU. “Have the goal in mind and tell people your goal. They will support you in making it happen.”

Students have different styles of learning, and, according to Pedro Márquez, RRU’s vice-president of global marketing and business development, the blended learning model is superior to programs offer fully online or in a bricks-and-mortar classroom setting due to its flexibility. While distance learning may be considered a “second-class way of learning” by some, Márquez says that perception is changing worldwide.

“In the years to come, distance learning will be repositioned in an international context and will grow in demand,” he says.

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