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The downfall of celebrity icons: Bill Cosby and Jian Ghomeshi

February 3, 2016
By: Pamela McCall
Source: RRU News

School of Communication and Culture Prof. Michael Real has studied and written extensively about Bill Cosby as a celebrity icon before the comedian/actor faced criminal charges of sexual assault. Real appeared on Pamela McCall’s CFAX radio show Feb. 3 to discuss the downfall of both Bill Cosby and Canadian broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Because they were so successful, and had lots of authority, lots of income, lots of people fawning over them, they began to get a sense of impunity that they were above the law, beyond reproach, they called the shots – and that sense of entitlement, which also combined being both a successful professional in media and being a male. The old sense of male entitlement in both cases seems to have played a role.

Listen to the entire interview – starts at 35:05.