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Director Jonathan Taggart on the cross-country filming of Life Off Grid

November 24, 2015
By: Amanda Siebert
Source: RRU News

Master of Arts in Intercultural and International Communication alumnus Jonathan Taggart was interviewed about his cross-country experience directing Life Off Grid alongside School of Communication and Culture Prof. Phillip Vannini.

 Here is an excerpt:

“We stayed with our subjects, because we wanted to experience it; to absorb the lifestyle a little bit, and to have a firsthand experience with those challenges,” says Taggart. 

Taggart stresses that it's important to recognize that the people in his film are not hermits. "There are all these sort of hippie-in-the-bush connotations to living off the grid, and by and large, that's not what we saw. They're just normal people living in normal homes, who are perhaps a bit more in tune with their energy production."

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