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Uses and abuses of neuroscience

November 18, 2013
Source: Crossroads

Professor Bill Durodie, head of the Conflict Analaysis and Management programmes, took part in a panel debate - 'Soul on the slab: Is there no limit to limit to what neuroscience can do?' - held as part of the 9th Battle of Ideas Festival at the Barbican Centre in London, UK.

Bill argued against neuro-determinism, noting that neuroscience is a fledgling science the early results of which have been hi-jacked for other agendas. He sought to situate the advent of more deterministic outlooks in science within the broader context of a dystopian culture.

Details of the debate - which also featured Professor Geraint Rees, director of the University College London Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, psychiatrist Dr Sally Satel, author of 'Brainwashed: the seductive appeal of mindless neuroscience', and Julian Baggini, founding editor of 'The Philosophers' Magazine' - are available here and a full recording, including Q&A, here.