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Student voice in the open education debate

December 4, 2013
Source: Crossroads

Open Education Europa, a portal dedicated to innovative learning in Europe, has featured the work of Dr. George Veletsianos, Canada Research Chair, and Associate Professor at the School of Education and Technology.

The article, entitled, Where are the student voices in the open education discourse? notes that "In the rampant discussion around MOOCs and open education in general, the voices of learners are noticeably missing." It goes on to explain that "the new e-book “Learner Experiences with MOOCs and Open Online Learning”, [is] a collection of 10 essays by MOOC participants and edited by Prof. George Veletsianos. The essays describe, in detail, individual student experiences. They demonstrate the diversity of the expectations and experiences of students and explore some of the reasons why many learners drop out of MOOCs without finishing the course. This collection of essays goes beyond the metrics of MOOCs and provides real student narratives about learning in this new digital format."

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