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Sharing the story on 2015/16 campus projects

February 12, 2016
Source: Crossroads

2015/16 is a very busy year for capital projects on the campus

Following from the update circulated in mid-December, this edition of “Sharing the Story” offers an update on capital initiatives underway on the campus, highlighting areas of work that may have an impact on routine activities.

Read "Sharing the Story" on 2015/16 Campus Projects for more detailed information on the following topics:

  • Library renovations: Phase II
  • Creating additional classrooms: Upgrades in the LIC
  • Upgrades in Millward, Nixon, and Grant
  • Assessing facility conditions in Nixon, Millward, Hatley Castle and the Mews
  • Reducing greenhouse gas: Updating campus exterior lighting
  • Protecting the landmarks of a national historic site: Garden wall restoration

How can I find out more? For additional information about any of these projects, please contact Carolyn Levesque at 250-391-2503. Information specific to the library is available from Rosie Croft 250-391-2699, and Kyla McLeod will assist with student services 250-391-2600 ext 4460.