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Seeking volunteers for green screen test

January 16, 2014
Source: Crossroads

Geoff Archer, Jo Axe and Samantha Wood are doing some research on teaching with technology. Specifically we are looking at how background images in video clips enhance or distract from learning. Think about how colorful maps help the newscaster depict the weather, but in other situations that kind of captivating imagery would take your eye and your mind off the subject at hand.

We are seeking volunteers to create short ‘How To’ videos that will be posted online in two different formats; one copy with a plain background and one copy with a visually dynamic background (e.g. powerpoint bullets or photos). What you are explaining ‘How To’ do is limited only by your imagination. How to tie a bow tie? How to make flan? How to back up your iTunes library? How to floss your teeth with ordinary household objects? OK, don’t do that last one, because it’s gross.

Anyways, if you are up for putting 10 minutes into recording your clip in front of the RRU green screen (4th Floor LIC) on Thursday, Jan. 23 between 10am and 1 p.m. please send an email to to sign up.