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Doing Good For Nothing: help for your org!

January 7, 2016
Source: Crossroads

Hi RRU folk,

Do you know a Victoria-based non profit or social enterprise that could use a little help in 2016?  Doing Good For Nothing may be just what they're looking for.

Like so many people in Victoria, I wear a number of hats in the community. I am an associate faculty member at Royal Roads University teaching within the Global Leadership program (GBLD 510). I also volunteer my time with Net2 Victoria and BC Speaks, run Development Action, a consultancy focused on organizational development, co-own theDock a co-working space in downtown Victoria, tutoring a course for the UNHCR on operational data management and chasing after my five year old daughter.

It's a lot of plates to spin, but my guess is this sounds familiar to many of you.

On top of all of that, I also help to co-organize a little initiative called Doing Good For Nothing (DGFN).  DGFN aims to help local non-profits and social enterprises overcome obsticles to growth by leading action focused one day sessions that aim to 'sort it all out'.  If you know an organization that could use a little help in 2016, please make them aware that a new round for application has opened.

Doing Good For Nothing Round 2 is open for applications. 

Application deadline - 31 January 2016 - apply now!

Imagine a day focused on YOUR non-profit or social enterprise.  What would you do to make 2016 the year of “gettin’ it done?”

How does Doing Good For Nothing work? 

  1. You tell us about an issue or opportunity that needs addressing in your organization - something that could help your organization increase its impact.
  2. We will choose one organization for a day of free tailor made professional services, facilitated before mid-April 2016.
  3. Our DGFN core team will work with you to get at the heart of your dilemma.
  4. Based on your needs, we will access our professional network to fill the room with the best thinkers and skilled volunteers, and design a full day of action-oriented forward momentum with you and your team.

DGFN works best with a dilemma that is action-focused, visible, and results-oriented.  This year’s chosen candidate will likely tell us about an issue or opportunity that could be addressed in one (really busy) day of collective work!

Applying is easy

Fill in an online application here by 31 January 2016.

Testimonials from Round 1 selection - IICRD

  • “Our connection and relationship with Victoria, our city, increased from our work with DGFN. We raised our local profile and collaborations in a way we hadn’t done before.”
  • “Think of DGFN as a critical, skilled, supportive friend, who can lend direction and thoughtful questions for your dilemma…  They help to create momentum.”

What is Doing Good For Nothing?

Doing Good for Nothing is a team of volunteer consultants, facilitators and professionals collaborating to help non-profits and social enterprises do good work in Victoria BC. We offer a free, action-oriented, facilitated process and fine-tune it to address your dilemma or opportunity.

Why free?  Because supporting YOU makes our community a better place for everyone.

Curious? Excited? A little nervous? Great! That’s how all great forward leaps begin.  Apply today or spread the word to your favourite non-profit organization that you would most like to see gain great momentum.

Learn more!

Visit the DGFN website to read about our past project and learn more about DGFN or email us

Good luck!

- Lee Sentes and the Doing Good For Nothing Victoria Team

Photo credit: DGFN website