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Changes to password management

January 8, 2016
Source: Crossroads

What: Change in how our system manages passwords

When: Monday, January 18

How you are affected:

These are the new rules – you may or not notice that they’ve changed, depending on your current habits relating to passwords:

  1. Your new password must be at least 9 characters in length (instead of the current 6).  We suggest using a number of words together or a short sentence like IWillBeTall or TodayWillBeAGoodDay.
  2. You cannot use any of the passwords you used the last 5 times
  3. You may only change your password once per day

If you would like more detail on the subject of see password requirements at RRU,

Do you need help creating a password?

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know via:

  • the Get Help form
  • the Contact Us form
  • phone at 1.250.391.2659 or 1-866-808-5429 (North America only)
  • visit us in Cedar 110

Thank you!

Cecelia David for IT-Services