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An Archival Moment: Lest we Forget

November 6, 2015
Source: Crossroads

The stone cenotaph in the centre of the Italian garden was installed in 1972 as a memorial to former Royal Roads cadets who were killed in action. You can see their names engraved on the stone. It was presented by the class of 1946 on the 30th anniversary of the college and for many years the cenotaph has been the focal point of Remembrance Day services, as shown in this picture from 1976. More pictures of Remembrance Day ceremonies, as well as other important events in the cadet year, can be found in the digitised cadet photo albums for the years 1963-1988.

Next week’s Remembrance Day service at Royal Roads University will take place at 10:40 in the Italian garden. That the Remembrance Day ceremony occurs at the University on November 11 is a respectful reminder of our military heritage.

Jenny Seeman

Museum and Archives Specialist