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Posted by tswan on August 15, 2013 - 9:16am
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Hi Everyone

We've had some questions regarding the Pre-Entry Workbook.  In previous years, this workbook was the main resource for material to be tested in the Foundations course.  We have now got more online resources available to us for Math, Chemistry and Biology and these will be outlined for you on September 3 when you can access the ENSC300 course.

The English section of the Pre-Entry Workbook forms the basis for the English testing for ENSC300.  Please focus on this section of the workbook as you will be required to write your English test in the September 3 - 16 period.

You may use the Math, Chemistry and Biology sections to do some early pre-study (basically dusting off the cobwebs in these areas).  Do not get bogged down on these sections, but use them as a refresher.  When the course starts on September 3, you will be assigned work and quizzes in these topics.

The Pre-Entry Workbook is an older resource that we cannot update and the Introduction section reflects past practice.  Please ignore that section.



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