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I'm a Leadership Graduate Program student living in Calgary and in my second year at RRU.  I live in Cochrane, AB, just west of Calgary and I'm looking for a roommate.  I have a 3 bdrm, 2.5 half bath townhouse spread over 3 floors, looking to rent out one of the bedrooms and a bathroom.  I'm an RN working shift work, so work days/nights.  Home is a quiet place for me, so looking for a low key, friendly roommate that will also spend time in the shared space.  Rent is $575 plus 1/2 of the utilities/internet.  I like to watch internet TV, but could cable if my roommate wants it.  I do have a dog (cocker spaniel) and a cat (long haired calico) ... two pets are the max, so there is no room for another pet (unless it's a bird or a fish or some kind of non-poisonous reptile).