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Canada ignored bureaucrat in 1907 who called out residential school issues

March 11, 2016
By: Ivan Watson
Source: RRU News

Master of Arts in Professional Communication (2014) alumnus Andy Bryce was featured in the Saanich News March 11 describing the story of his great grandfather Dr. Peter Bryce. Bryce discovered that Dr. Bryce, a chief medical officer with the Department of Indian Affairs, compiled a report in 1907 for the federal government revealing Aboriginal youth health abuses in Canadian residential schools. Bryce is now producing a feature documentary based on his RRU graduate research and the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation has requested that Bryce produce a 20-minute version for screening in Canadian middle schools.

Here is an excerpt:

“[My great grandfather] was a pioneer in that idea that government should be proactive in the way that we approach medical care, “says Bryce.

“I think his most important legacy is to contradict the idea of laissez-faire government, and to say that government should be involved in the way that society is run, to ensure social justice.”

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