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Canada’s response to Paris attacks

November 17, 2015
By: Terry Moore
Source: RRU News

School of Humanitarian Studies Prof. Kenneth Christie was interviewed about Canada’s response to the recent attacks in Paris.

Here is an excerpt:

“Prime Minister Trudeau has to take a measured approach to things—there’s no point in going in and bombing ISIS targets in Syria anymore because we realize that hasn’t worked,” says Christie. “I’m in agreement with his position—withdrawing the Canadian jets and relying more on things like intelligence and training of people on the ground and training the military within these countries by Canadian military rather than simply resorting to this bombing strategy which hasn’t really achieved anything and probably provokes ISIS into even more attacks. “

Listen to the full interview starting at 6:20 in the podcast.

Christie was also interviewed by CBC All Points West and CBC on the Coast about the same topic.