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Groups is the place for students, faculty and staff to interact and form discussion groups. Anyone with a Royal Roads University computer account is able to create a group on this site. Groups can be made public or private.

Many programs maintain Program Community Groups here, to provide information for students as a cohort. Program Community Groups are private and will require you to login to see your group. Contact your program office if your Program Community Group does not appear in your subscribed groups block (in the left sidebar) to become a member.


Group Listings

Group Manager: Ruth Mojeed
I am enrolled in the Intercultural & International Communication (MAIIC) program at Royal Roads University, and I...
Group Manager: John Stewart
Welcome to the Student Services group. Here you'll find events & opportunities on-campus, online and in the...
Group Manager: Fan Yang
Hi guys, a new group is start here.  We know you are new in Victoria and you want to meet more students in order to...
Group Manager: DP Admin
The Sustainability Committee at Royal Roads is a working committee of student board members that are working to engage...
Group Manager: John Stewart
Toastmasters: Communication and Leadership Development - 7PM Wed in the CastleNow is the time. Here is the place. You...